Boost your skills

If you're thinking about gaining a new skill, already in learning or planning to change jobs, then the National Careers Service provides information, advice and resources to help you make more effective choices. 

Adults can access the National Careers Service online, with the help of an adviser on the telephone or face-to-face.

The service is available free to all adults in England aged 19 or over. It provides personal, relevant advice on getting on in work and life, reflecting your individual needs. The National Careers Service also works in close partnership with Jobcentre Plus to provide intensive support for their customers.

Adults can register with the National Careers Service online to create a secure personal space called a "Lifelong Learning Account" which can be accessed whenever you need to keep track of your progress.  National Careers Service advisers can also help with registering online.

The National Careers Service is available by calling 0800 100 900 to speak to an adviser or you can make an appointment for face-to-face advice in their area. Lines are open from 8:00am to 10:00pm seven days a week or you can visit the website where you can;

  • Take a Skills Health Check, which will assess your strengths, skills, abilities and areas for development
  • Look at information about careers and job profiles
  • Develop your CV and improve your interview skills
  • Understand what is available in the local job market for you
  • Find out about funding to support your learning
  • Register with a Lifelong Learning Account – a free, personal online space, where you can store personal information on skills development and keep a secure record of your accredited learning achievements, careers, financial support for learning, and your CV, all in one easily accessible and secure location.