Musician Harry Baker, Alton College and Weydon School alumnus, is this week releasing his second album entitled Art.She.Said We interviewed Harry at the launch of his first album Friends, Themes and Poems last year and we caught up with him again recently in the lead up to the launch event in May at the Boileroom in Guildford. 

The new album is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, all links are on Harry’s website

We asked Harry about the new album…


‘I started writing it last summer and the lyrical content spans from events that happened as a kid, up to people I've met in the month. A lot of it is about the emotions and feelings teenagers face during the younger years, college, relationships etc. I feel I could give an insight to students about certain choices that we make etc. 

I wrote the whole album myself and played all the parts too (apart from the saxophone in track 3), I produced it with a dude called Sean from Parousia Productions. The song Holy Grail (track 4 from the album) has already been played on BBC Introducing, too. One of the singles from the album, "Violets" was awarded track of the day on 

Since I left college, I've spent most of my time working on this album and playing gigs! (whilst working various jobs in restaurants etc to fund my time in the studio!) I've also been working towards a very special show at the boileroom this Friday to celebrate the release of the album. 

My favourite musical experience this year has been writing the album and working closely with other artists to create great music. The track "See What's Ours" was created with a producer from London and we did the whole track in just a day. I've also been given the opportunity to sing and write the vocals for Lope and Kantola's new single which will be out soon. 

I like to have this contrast thing going on, the album cover is pink and velvet is used on it too, yet the music is not as soft as one would think, it has hip hop beats, loud guitar solos, heavy basslines, synths and some pretty intense breakdowns. This represents the contrast of feelings expressed throughout the album. I also wanted something that was a little different, having pink is not always common, same with velvet. I also feel my Prince influence is talking there too. 

I’m really excited for the new album and my musical future. In November I was given an unconditional place at Goldsmiths University to study Popular Music so I'll be starting there in September.’ 

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