Junior Team Maths Challenge

Teams of Year 8 and 9s from Eggar's School and Amery Hill School worked together recently to compete in the annual Alton College Junior Team Maths Challenge, designed to stretch more able students.

The activity is designed to stretch and challenge, and consisted of three rounds: a crossnumber, shuttle and relay round. The challenge was collaborative with two pupils from each school on each team, supervised by A level Maths students from Alton College.  The crossnumber was like a crossword, but with numbers as answers.  The shuttle round meant that the answer to the first question was needed to be able to answer the second question, and so on.  And for the relay round, students were running from one end of the hall to the other, carrying answers to the markers and questions to the other half of their team.  The competition, hosted by Dr David Lynch, Curriculum Manager for Maths at Alton College, was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with Lewis Kelley and Bear Crawford from Amery Hill School and Anton Bucholdt and Nail Tabafa from Eggar’s School coming in first.  Well done to all who participated!

The challenge is now a regular event in the Maths Department's already extensive range of challenges and competitions available to school and college students.  In the summer we will host the 7th Alton College Team Maths Challenge for year 10 and year 6 students. 

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