Students visit Soton Science Labs

Chemistry and Biology students were invited to Southampton University for some amazing practical sessions in the undergraduate labs last month.

The chemistry students used advanced techniques to extract, purify and test a natural product using equipment only available in university labs. The biology students took part in two practical workshops, one in which they were attached to sensors that monitored heart rate and sweat production whilst undertaking several tasks including being startled, smelling a range of scents, looking at images and telling a lie, and a second to isolate their own DNA from their cheek cells.

In addition to the practical workshops, the students were given a tour of the university campus by existing university undergraduates, and were given an informative talk about the science courses available at Southampton University and an introduction to the diverse career options that these degrees could lead to.   

Fiona Revell, Curriculum Manager for Chemistry explained: ‘The experience was fun, informative and interesting for everyone. It was great for the students to hear first-hand from undergrads about studying science at Southampton’.

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