Consultation Evenings

Consultation Evening Online Booking

Appointment booking for the Consultation Evenings on Thursday 28th November and Tuesday 3rd December 2019 opens to parents at 9.00am on Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Why is the booking system not open earlier?

  • The Parents' Evenings are intended as a review of the term, particularly when there are specific concerns to discuss.  Teachers may contact parents to arrange appointments.

Who to make an appointment with

  • Decide which teachers you would like to meet with by viewing your son/daughter's Insight to see their commitment, working at grade and attendance information. Subjects where there are no concerns probably don't need an appointment.
  • Where there are two A Level subject teachers, you will only need to book to see one.
  • If you have not previously been on Insight and need your registration details please request them here, ensuring you tell us your son/daughter’s name.

How to log in

First you must log in to Insight, here you will find a link to the Consultation Evening booking system.

Before following the link to the Consultation Evening booking system (which will open in a new window) please make a note of the student's first name and their 6 digit admission number. The first name displayed on Insight is the name they are known by at college and the one you will need to enter when logging in to the booking system.

  • Follow the link to the booking system.
  • Enter your first name, surname, e-mail address (recommended as you will be sent confirmation of your appointments) and your preferred contact telephone number, in case we need to get in touch
  • Enter your son/daughter's first (preferred) name, surname and their student reference number as displayed on their Insight.

How to make your appointments

  • Select the required Consultation Evening by clicking on the green tick.
  • Teachers will be pre-populated for you; you can remove any that you don’t wish to see by clicking the red cross next to their name.
  • Then select the “Continue to Book Appointments” button.
  • Available slots are indicated by the word “Book”.
  • Book the appointments you require.
  • Instructions on how to change bookings are provided on screen.

Once you have made your appointments a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email includes a link which will automatically log you into the system if you need to change any appointments at a later date.

Problems or queries?

If you have more than one student at College you will now be able to view them at the same time in order to make appointments as required.

If you subsequently find that you are unable to attend the Consultation Evening please return to the Booking system and cancel your appointments.

If you have any problems please contact

Please provide us with feedback on the online booking process via the Feedback link in the booking system. Thank you.