Supporting our students

The College offers a wide range of additional support for learning; from regular one-to-one help for a wide variety of Specific Learning Needs, support in some lessons for physical support needs and a drop-in area for students to visit at a convenient time during the College day.

For those with specific IT needs, we have an Assistive Technology room where specialist equipment is available and useful software has been installed on the computers.

In order to help individualise support and to ensure that suitable documentation is available for exam concessions, we undertake assessments in College. If you are a current or prospective parent, please contact our Learning Support Team to discuss any Learning Support queries.

For new applicants, please be reassured that  we welcome applications from students with learning difficulties. Talk to us about any worries you may have at an Open Evening and make sure that your son/daughter indicates specific support needs on their application form. There will be a futher opportunity at enrolment to discuss this in more detail.

Our Local Offer

Teachers are aware of the individual needs of students and Learning Support Assistants are widely used to support learning and develop independence both in and out of the classroom. There are dyslexia specialists who assess, plan and deliver teaching for students with learning difficulties. Examination access arrangements are put in place for students that need it.

Full details of the support available to students are set out in Our Local Offer.