The Longer Lesson

Why are we having fewer, longer lessons?

Fewer lessons in a day gives students just two subjects or units to focus on with just two teachers. This allows more time to explore, discuss and learn about subjects that they enjoy.  In addition longer lessons provide more direct teaching time and support which sets us apart from other Colleges with a more traditional timetable.

The new timetable also provides periods without lessons to be used for study, Work Experience, extra-curricular activities or other commitments. 

Will lessons change?

Yes, a 3 hour lesson will not be a series of three one hour lessons it will be one continuous lesson enabling students to fully investigate a topic. This doesn't mean sitting still passively being taught for 3 hours, it means a range of activities! One lesson could also take place in two different classrooms depending on the subject. There will always be a chance to move around and take comfort breaks.

Will there be a break in the new three hour lessons?

Yes. There will be a 15 minute break in all three hour lessons. This break will happen at an appropriate time in the lesson dependent on the activity.