Scholarships For Excellence

The Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence are managed by The Alton College Foundation.

Scholarship Subjects

The number of Scholarships awarded and subjects covered varies from year to year but cover a wide range of subjects at both A level and BTEC. These include:

  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Drama
  • Engineering
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages
  • Mathematics  
  • Music 
  • Sport 

In addition Scholarships are currently offered to talented artists on the one‐year Art Foundation course, supported by Alton Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS).

The monetary reward associated with each scholarship is determined by our Sponsors and is paid annually to students whilst at college. More information will be provided on application.


  1. You must be 18 years or younger, studying full-­time at Alton College. The exception to this is students on the one year Arts Foundation Course applying for an ADFAS Scholarship.
  2. You should be undertaking either a 2-­year A level course, an equivalent BTEC course or the Arts Foundation Course. Students in either their first or second year may apply.
  3. Students may also apply before they start their studies at Alton College, if you are predicted 8 or 9 in most of your GCSE subjects, but additional information will be requested after commencing full-­time studies at College, e.g. GCSE results.
  4. You must have achieved 8 or 9 in most of your GCSE subjects, or be exceptionally talented at sport or be a talented artist. In addition: -­
    a. If you are applying for Mathematics you must have achieved a 9 in GCSE Mathematics and studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level.
    b. If you are applying for Medicine or Veterinary Science you must have achieved 9 in at least two science GCSE subjects and be studying A level Chemistry and Biology and either Physics or Mathematics.
    c. If you are applying for Modern Languages you must have achieved an 8 or 9 in a language at GCSE (preferably two) and studying at least one language at A level.
  5. You should be working to Grade A or A* standard in your chosen A level subjects or D* in BTEC subjects.

The Scholars Commitment

  1. You will be required to attend the awards ceremony to receive your Scholarship certificate. This will take place in February.
  2. Scholars are encouraged to meet with their Sponsors whilst at the college. This is not only valued by our Sponsors but is also often beneficial to the Scholar.
  3. All Scholars must submit an annual report (250‐400 words) detailing their progress and achievements, and how they have used or intend to use the Scholarship money.
  4. Scholars must demonstrate commitment throughout their time at the college. All interim results and reports from College will form part of the judgement of commitment. If the Scholar is felt not be sufficiently committed or leaves the college then any outstanding payments will be forfeited.

Your Application

You must write a letter to the Alton College Foundation. This should be headed ‘Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence’ and indicate the area for which you are applying e.g. a Mathematics Scholarship. In the letter you should state why you feel you should be awarded a Scholarship, your future plans for university and career (if known) and any significant hobbies or interests.

The Alton College Foundation will take into account your letter of application, your previous academic achievements e.g. GCSE grades, comments from your school and Alton College teachers and any predicted grades when assessing your suitability for a Scholarship.

Closing Date / Selection Process

All applications and references must be received by the 15th November. Applications may also be made prior to joining the college from school, although you may be asked for supplementary information to support your application when you arrive at the college.

Shortlisting for interview will take place in December and if successful, you will be invited for interview in December and January (exact dates will vary each year). The interview panel will include College staff, Sponsors and Alton College Foundation Directors.

Decisions on the award of Scholarships are at the discretion of the interview panel and the Alton College Foundation and are final. Feedback will be given if requested.

To apply please go to: The Alton College Foundation Website