Train Discounts

This information is for the 2019-20 academic year.  

Train services to Alton are run by South Western Railway operating as a normal public service for fare paying passengers. Services are not run under contract to the College and are therefore subject to availability. You will need to make your own arrangements for travel between your home and the nearest station offering a service to Alton. Alton station is less than 10 minutes walk from the Edward Road entrance at the rear of the College .

This Railcard offers a 50% discount on rail travel and will be available from September this year.

For more information please see the South Western Railways website.

N.B Some of our Alton College train tickets will remain cheaper (e.g. Bentley) than those the 16-17 Railcard can offer, but we would strongly advise all students and parent/carers to look into the 16-17 Railcard to make their own decision on which is the most cost effective.

For 18+ year old students, and those opting not to buy the 16-17 Railcard, travelling from Farnham, Guildford, Aldershot or beyond we've agreed a discount travelling by South Western Railway (see below).

3. The Alton College Student Season Ticket Scheme for students 18+ and those opting not to purchase the 16-17 Railcard

a. What a Student Season Ticket Offers You

b. The Cost of a Student Season Ticket

South Western Railway are offering Alton College students the chance to buy termly season tickets to Alton at reduced rates. Tickets will be sold through the College and the cost for 2019/20 is fixed as follows:

Station Autumn Term
09/09/19 to 20/12/19
Spring Term
07/01/20 to 03/04/20
Summer Term
20/04/20 to 10/07/20
Aldershot £265.00 £229.00 £211.00
Ascot £538.00 £464.00 £427.00
Ash £315.00 £272.00 £250.00
Ash Vale £315.00 £272.00 £250.00
Bagshot £478.00 £412.00 £379.00
Bentley £156.00 £135.00 £124.00
Bookham £595.00 £513.00 £472.00
Bracknell £538.00 £464.00 £427.00
Brookwood £397.00 £342.00 £315.00
Camberley £410.00 £354.00 £326.00
Farnborough Main £365.00 £315.00 £290.00
Farncombe £521.00 £450.00 £414.00
Farnham £216.00 £187.00 £172.00
Fleet £509.00 £440.00 £404.00
Frimley £371.00 £320.00 £294.00
Guildford £461.00 £398.00 £366.00
Martins Heron £538.00 £464.00 £427.00
Wanborough £353.00 £304.00 £280.00
West Byfleet £556.00 £480.00 £441.00
Woking £504.00 £435.00 £400.00
Worplesdon £521.00 £450.00 £414.00

c. Help with the Cost of a Student Season Ticket

d. How to Apply

Please order a ticket via our Online Store. You will need to order a ticket at least 2 weeks before you require it.

e. Payment

f. How You Will Get Your Ticket

g. Terms and Conditions

The College is acting as an administrator for this scheme but the trains are not run under contract to the College.

Complaints and Comments

The College is committed to ensuring that students receive a good service where it is in the control of South Western Railway. Any written suggestions for improving the service would be welcomed by the College. Any queries about the student ticket scheme should be directed to the Student Hub. Any complaints about the train service should be directed to South Western Railway and copied to the Student Hub at the College. All complaints are recorded and for this reason, written complaints are preferable to telephone complaints. Please include as much detail as possible.