UCAS Applications for 2018

If you are intending to apply through UCAS for 2018 entry (2019 deferred entry), please use the former students’ application help form to ask for a “UCAS Apply Checklist”. You will then be sent information on applying for 2018 entry as soon as it becomes available (by the end of August).

UCAS Applications for 2017

Missed the 15th January deadline?  There’s still time to apply.  Many universities and colleges are happy to receive late applications and will consider you for the courses if they still have vacancies.  Check with the individual universities if you’re not sure. 

Once you are ready to apply, please follow the steps below. This will help us to help you make sure everything runs smoothly.

1. Use the former students’ application help form to ask for a "UCAS Apply Checklist". (You will also receive other documents giving you advice and information on making your application).

2. Use the buzzword from the Checklist to register as an Alton College student. Please make sure you do this instead of registering as an independent candidate. Select "former student" as your application group. If you have already started an 'Independent' application please follow the instructions on the checklist to link your application to the College or email UCASadmin@altoncollege.ac.uk for advice.

3. Complete all sections of the UCAS application but do not click on Pay/Send at this point.  Please email UCASadmin@altoncollege.ac.uk and we will check through your application online and advise you to either make amendments or complete the pay/send section. Please note the College deadlines below. If you need help with your Personal Statement, please contact your former tutor/teachers or email UCASadmin@altoncollege.ac.uk.

4. Once you have completed the application and pay/send section, please fill in the checklist and email it through to the email address shown.

5. As a former student there are two fees to pay:
a) UCAS fee (£24 or £13 if you are applying to one university for one course only). This will be paid online as you complete the pay/send section. 
b) College Administration fee (£25). This should be paid via the online store.

6. We will contact your former Tutor, Curriculum Manager and Director of Learning to request a reference. Please note this can take up to 15 College days (excluding weekends/term holidays) - please do not chase prior to the 15 day deadline. 

College deadlines:

Thu 22-Sep-16: Oxbridge, plus all applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine/Science.      
Fri 21-Oct-16: Advisory internal deadline for all other applications.
Mon 21-Nov-16: FINAL College deadline for submitting UCAS applications to meet the 15-Jan UCAS deadline

Mon 21-May-17: For applications submitted after 15th January

Advice regarding resitting exams

2017 Summer resits

RESIT DEADLINE: 10th February 2017 at 12 noon

Due to changes in the exams structure, the one and only exam re-sit opportunity for ex-students is the summer after they have left College. Coursework units may not be re-sat.

Ex-students may apply for re-sits for written papers via the online store, ensuring they also pay the administration fee for recent leavers. Re-sit deadlines must be met. 

Please email help@altoncollege.ac.uk with any resit queries.

References (Non UCAS)

Any students, current or former, must always put ‘The Principal’ as their referee rather than an individual member of staff - email: principal@altoncollege.ac.uk .

The reference request is then forwarded to the Student Hub where a Director of Learning will complete, using information on Insight and contact with the former tutors/teachers where necessary.

The reference is then sent direct from the College to the company concerned.

If you have a particular query regarding a reference request, please email help@altoncollege.ac.uk