Doing the best we can for you

We want to make sure you have the best experience here. This means helping you not only to achieve success but also to develop your own sense of self and independence. We want you to enjoy the highest standards of teaching and support and to make the most of your time at our College.

We've set this out in a formal way (summarised below) as our:

  • mission
  • vision
  • aims

Our mission

We'll provide high-quality education and training in an inclusive, supportive and challenging environment, enabling young people, adults and the community to achieve their potential.

Our vision

We'll be the college of choice in our area.

Our aims

The College has 8 Key Strategic Aims:

1. Outstanding success, progression and enjoyment for all learners
2. Outstanding staff, leadership and management
3. Outstanding infrastructure
4. Financial strength
5. Positive external image
6. Inspiring and supportive culture
7. Strong communities and collaborations
8.  Significant contribution to educational developments in our area